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Reimagining golf

aboutGolf is dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting indoor golf. As a partner of the PGA TOUR and the Golf Channel, we understand world-class brands, technology, and performance. aboutGolf simulators are available in a variety of sizes as a soft enclosure or customized hard wall. Features include realistic turf and center strike stance mat, a full single-screen system designed for durability, 3Trak® (our patented, three-dimensional, high-speed camera and tracking system), an image quality touchscreen for ease of use, and a high performance computer to run our powerful software.

Unmatched course accuracy

aboutGolf prides itself on rendering courses with brilliant accuracy and attention to detail, making environments as real as modern technology allows. With over 70 courses available, our simulators provide a wide variety of location and scenery. Terrain, trees, and foliage are all real three-dimensional objects. If you hit them with a golf ball they will impact your play, just like outdoors. Play a round on one of the world’s greatest golf courses, anytime of the year.

Games for all ages

The aG Games platform features classic point-based contests, as well as closest-to-the-pin and longest drive competitions. Also included are mini golf, arcade games, and 1000+ challenge events (sand, water & obstacles). Not only does aG Games introduce young players to the sport, it gives golfers new and exciting ways to approach game improvement.

Club fitting

A club fitting session allows side by side comparison of measured shot and club data for different clubs. Data is collected using a statistically neutral range. This will help users find the best club suited for each individual player. Upon completion of a SIM-CITY Indoor Golf Complex club fitting session, a summary can be emailed to or printed.

Track with aG Data

Players may create a profile on any SIM-CITY Indoor Golf Complex simulator or to save and access their personal data. Shots at the practice range are saved under each profile, allowing users to compare shots in a number of different formats in the convenience of their home or office

Manage with aG Control

aG Control is the must-have tool for multi-system management. It allows the ability to monitor and manage players, rounds, and simulators from a convenient, easy-to-use interface. Not only can information be obtained and usage analyzed, messages can be sent to any simulator and scorecards can be printed or emailed. aG Control supports multiple system management at multiple locations.

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